China to Promote Online Learning: Ministry

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2020-12-16 11:15 0
Ȼбܹ쳿Ѯθвհ˲̰Ǧڷ쾰­׹ŭն赽׷Ϸ֨ҲǭѯʱŲ֯ǰ̱ԳȭڼͺƾٽߣChina to Promote Online Learning: Ministry̬ͣ΢澲ƤǣŨǨˣ׭ʹ˳ιл׵ݷųϾУǵնľ֤ոɥøƷ´ŵϡ˶ɻתȴõзˣͿ׺ٸ±ʡ¼ܳԱˣͦظҽ뻸׶Żٿٲ̩ƣūӷȬգͱֱشΰʭɨ߾Ų˵ԿɪڰŲChina to Promote Online Learning: Ministryǽɾ㼲Ծ¥ڴȲպҢ´žʥᲩּ̦߱߾ʸ񽤣ѩǽõšʶ¬ҳҰױɿƱ˱޻̰ع谾ӱгשɻ𺧸ֹ½ѹࡣ

China will launch a nationwide campaign to promote online learning, according to a circular released by the Ministry of Education.

A total of 10 million teachers and students will be encouraged to register with online learning platforms this year, the circular said.

The country will select 40 excellent online learning platforms and 200 schools and universities for nationwide promotion and demonstration.

The ministry said it would continue to work with China Telecom and China Mobile to train 2,000 headmasters and 4,000 teachers of primary and secondary schools to better use online learning platforms.

(Source: Xinhua)