Highlights of News Conference of NPC Session

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Zhang Yesui, spokesman for the second session of the 13th National People's Congress, answered questions at a news conference in Beijing on Monday. Here are the highlights:

China-US Relations

The interests of China and the United States are deeply interwoven and a confrontational China-US relationship does not benefit anyone.

China has a clear policy toward its relationship with the US, which is based on no-conflict and no-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation.

Foreign Investment Law

The draft foreign investment law will be submitted to the top legislature for review on March 8 and put for vote on March 15.


China believes the Hanoi summit between Pyongyang and Washington is constructive and it will continue to play an active role in the Korean Peninsula issue.

China hopes Pyongyang and Washington, key parties of the issue, will keep good faith, remain patient and continue their dialogue in the right direction to achieve progress.

Defense Spending

China's defense expenditure is for the protection of the nation's sovereignty, security and territorial integrity and does not pose any threat to other countries.

China always sticks to the path of peaceful development and follows policies that are purely defensive in nature.

National Intelligence Law

It is neither fair nor ethical for US government officials to play up so-called security risks associated with Chinese companies and linking them to China's National Intelligence Law.

This kind of behavior was interrupting economic activities with political means and violated World Trade Organization rules and damaged fair competition.

Belt and Road Initiative

China takes debt sustainability in Belt and Road cooperation very seriously, and the country will never impose its will on others.

The BRI is meant to enhance connectivity, and with that create more opportunities for China and world economic growth, and it complements the existing multilateral cooperation mechanisms.

Legislative Work

Greater focus will be applied in the drafting, revising and deliberating of laws on national security and ecology this year to better prevent and tackle risks and improve environmental protection.

The NPC Standing Committee, the country's top legislative body, "is planning to draft laws on export controls, data security and bio security to strengthen our capacity to defend and stop risks."

Personal Information

The Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress has included personal information in its legislation plan. Departments and authorities are now looking at it and are working on the draft.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the internet and information technology, there have been incidents where personal information was improperly collected, abused and leaked, undermining people's rights.

AI Legislation

With artificial intelligence becoming a new front in technological development, the government vows to continuously encourage the AI development and application through legislation, accompanied by forward-looking proactive prevention and restraint guidance to ensure safe and controllable application.

The legislation for AI is a priority and a debate will be carried out for the sound legal footing for the innovative development of AI by the government.


(Source: Chinadaily)